February 12, 2010

Back when I first started playing yo-yo, there was no YoYoExpert. There was no Mastermagic. There were no youtube tutorials. Hell, youtube had yet to even take off at this point. The only way to learn tricks was from privately hosted videos, text descriptions, or a few websites.

Sector Y was my website of choice.

Compared to now, there were only a few tricks to learn, but I was eager to advance my knowledge, so I tried learning everything I could. I never learned some of these old Sector Y tricks, Superman still eludes me. However, I came to learn a trick that I immediately loved, so much so that to this very day, it remains my favorite trick.


Here’s the old Sector Y illustrations of how to do it:

I can remember back in highschool, sitting in my room, the yoyo in my lap, trying to adjust the strings just right so I could figure out what was going on. I finally figured it out, then went to actually do it. It must have taken me at least an hour to figure out how, but right when I did, it was one of the best feelings in the world. The trick has such a natural flow that it’s genuinely fun to do. It’s simple, but in my opinion, defines everything that a yoyo trick should be: a series of distinct, complimentary elements that all stand alone, but together, form something wonderful.

Fast forward to today, 5 years from when I first learned the trick. Kwijibo still stands out in my mind as everything yoyoing should be, and the tools that helped me learn it, as well as the people who collaborated to put everything together, are still in my heart, and helped define my yoyo play today.

This is for them.

You guys are the best,


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