Test Subject 03 Intro

July 24, 2002


Test Subject 3 was a very ambitious project. The goal was to see how far I could push the modern conceptions of yoyo videos. Up until this point, yoyo videos were clip after clip with simple titles and not much else in terms of animation or computer graphics. I wanted to change that.

Ambitious? Or over-ambitious? That’s the question that plagued TS03 for the longest time. The intro took a long time to make. I believe it was made in 3D Studio Max, in combination with Adobe After Effects. Because I wasn’t too well versed with either program, I had to learn everything from scratch which made it a very slow process. Then, by the time I had finished the intro I had no footage to accompany with it. I figured I’d just save the intro until I filmed more, but by this time I was already on my way out of the yoyo scene. I released the intro just by itself, but the application of TS03 made its way to Sensory Overload, which is [surprisingly] still one of the most complicated clip videos to date.

Title: TS03 Intro (Test Subject 003) [ Stream |  Download ]
Creator: Gabriel Lozano
Music: Scars left by Time from the Chrono Cross OST
Time: :57
Resolution: 720×480 (SD)
File Type: DivX

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