No Jive III

November 19, 2008

Because I’m sure you were thinking “My life’s ok, but I’d really like to watch ed play some more with a wooden yo-yo.” Right?

I liked making this one, because the tricks are less about “what I CAN hit” on a wood axle (though there’s still that: spirit bomb, triangulation, etc.), and more about what tricks “suit” a wood axle. A lot of these tricks I learned (read: straight-up GANKED) from Adam Brewster and Steve Brown, two of the most insane fixed axle players in the world (they do them much better than me).

In all seriousness, playing fixed axle (specifically, wood) IS a great challenge, but it’s also great fun of its own accord. More people should lose themselves in it.

If this were a Back to the Future movie… I guess it’d be the one where the go back to the wild west. That’s scary.


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