Bryan Figueroa presents the Fiesta!

April 9, 2010

The Fiesta – Bryan Figueroa
from Sector Y on Vimeo. (Click for HD)

The Fiesta isn’t even out, but it has already claimed a couple of 1st place titles. Spearheaded by YoYoJam and Bryan Figueroa, the Fiesta is the spiritual successor of the popular Aquarius. Made of celcon and designed for tight binds, smooth grinds, and amazing regens, it looks like this is the perfect 4A yoyo to add to your arsenal. Check out Bryan’s latest 4A awesomeness in the video above! The Fiesta will be available on April 17th.

Video: Fiesta (Streaming)
Created: 4/7/10
Music: Blessing Remix by Nujabes (f/ Substantial & Pase Rock)

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