AP2010 by Jayson Lim

April 12, 2010

AP2010 by Jayson from jayson lim on Vimeo.

57 minutes of AP2010 awesomeness.

AP2010, “in the eye” of Jayson. yes.
didn’t get enough good trick footage, my bad, didn’t get tricks from as many players as i should, my bad, but here i have with me some footage that i took during the whole of AP. some tricks, some footage back in the hotel, back at the event during breaks, etc, and here’s the outcome, i didn’t wanna make them into individual clips, i wanna make a video showing how the days were spend in the whole event period…  kinda docu-ish, diary-ish kind of video. this video has players speaking different languages with no subtitle, mandarin, english, japanese, i think thats all. i’m pretty sure there’ll be people complaining about how long this video clip is, but this is the way i wanna do it, so i hope u enjoy it.

Video: Stream & Download (1.6 GB) at Vimeo
Creator: Jayson Lim from SY Blog
Length: 56:50

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