‘Throw Grace, Catch Joy’

September 27, 2010

(admittedly i’ve always been more adept at the former.)

here’s a fun little trick video (i think) featuring the ‘PPR’ version of the new SPYY Ronin, a yo-yo that has been ‘mostly hypothetical’ since i started designing it in late 2007. after years of “why-don’t we’s” and “hey-we-should-really’s”, Steve Buffel once again transformed my off-the-wall musings into an eminently playable throw which feels simultaneously daring and stable.

the shiny version will be on sale direct from spyy at nats this weekend, with the production release (appropriately enough)… in production.

hope you dig the video, and the yo-yo, too.

Title: Throw Grace, Catch Joy
Yoyoer: ed haponik
Music: ‘Light and Day’ by The Polyphonic Spree
Length: 3:33
Stream: Vimeo
Download: Sector_Y

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