September 5, 2011

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Sensory Overload

February 19, 2011

This was my final video before Sector Y (and myself) took a long hiatus. This was my “final epic video” that I always wanted to do, but couldn’t get myself dedicated enough to do for all my other videos.

This was my first, and maybe one of the first(?), videos that was fully created in After Effects. The original clip video (Spindox 2-05-00) was originally created as a test for my new Dazzle “video capture card.” It was essentially a bunch of footage, one-after-another, with a JPG image as the title. As I began to create more videos, I stuck with the JPG title screens. It was the only part of the videos that never really evolved. Towards the end of 2001, the titles started to have simple animations, like rotating logos, etc. But nothing was completely animated.When it came to PSY, however, I tried to do fully animated title sequences for most of the videos.

By the end of the PSY Project, I had gotten decent enough doing just title sequences, and wanted to see what I could do with animating actual video footage. I had the idea for this video for a long time, and so I got to work in what would end up being the most painstaking and labor intensive video I had ever made.

The idea behind the video was simple: have a grid of videos, and animate a camera to fly between various clips. The problem was my hardware. At the time I had an 866MHz Powerbook G4 with 512MB of RAM. And that did not play well with After Effects and the 100 clips I wanted to animate simultaneously in the movie.

Despite this, I pushed through and after maybe a month I finally was able to create the video that I wanted. The final render took about 75 to 100 hours to output. But it was totally worth it…despite the fact that only about 250 people saw the video. By the time this video was done, it was solely for the PSY DVD and was never placed online until now. Well, actually last year. I just forgot to update my site with it when Sector Y launched. Oops!

Video: Sensory Overload [ Vimeo | Download (720×480) ]
Music: War by Cunninlynguists (Produced by Kno)

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February 9, 2011

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Team Chubby Lovin’ Presents: The Men You’ll Grow to Love

December 11, 2010

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Waka Yoyo Shimasu

November 30, 2010

10-min routine done for a South Africa charity talent show. We took first place, won a trophy and a bucket of candy.

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GIDDY UP!! 20X0 – box_x

August 23, 2010

Created by: Boxthor
Download: Coming Soon.

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Techno Slurpee

June 8, 2010

Players: Camden Asay, Andrew Lee, Justin Weber
We had an all-nighter yoyo, slurpee eating, grocery shoppin, art studyin frenzy, and wanted to share with you all. Camden started throwin last year and Andrew started about 2 months ago. All for the love of yoyoing.

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May 11, 2010


The name of the trick I perform takes the title of the video “Poodle.” The filming and editing as well as the yoyo “performance” are inspired by a  local Fukuoka (Japan) musician/DJ: Olive Oil.

download here

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Made by Peace by Justin Weber

April 8, 2010
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pro no chillist – oilworks by Justin Webber

April 8, 2010
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