Learning To Fly

May 24, 2010

a new yo-yo video with tricks by ed haponik and friends. filmed at home and at virginia states, and featuring the new run of the SPYY Flying V (on sale soon).


big thanks to steve buffell of SPYY, along with tony basch, randy jansen, steven kinder, mikhail tulabut, tom connolly, ann connolly, joe wilso, fred rowland, jon saelens, gee cheung, samm scot, and charles schluer… and all of the people i meant to get in but couldn’t… also guys like john bot, sid, drew, jacob, seth, and steve, who [very] obviously inspire a lot of the tricks i like to do.

some new, some downright-ancient, some unresponsive, some ultra-snappy. hope you like it!

Title: Learning To Fly
Yoyoer: ed haponik & friends
Music: ‘Learning To Fly’ by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Length: 4:00
Stream: Vimeo
Download: Sector_Y

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New Adventures in Lo-Fi

September 14, 2009
a yo-yo trick video by ed haponik and pals.

i tried to come up with new tricks (or new takes on old ones) that were constructed ‘simply’. tricks that don’t go on forever, and tend to base themselves around one main idea. later on, at tn states, i asked some friends to give me a trick that conformed to those parameters. and i had a lot of fun.

music by eddie vedder and keyboard and banjo (- banjo)… who, from what i read in ‘hit parader’ are touring together this winter.

i used my spyy flying v.


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