Shout Out, and Show Everyone!

June 25, 2010

Over the past two years, I’ve been constantly challenging myself to try and do moebius in other interesting ways. A number of years ago I spoke to my friend Eric Tranton about Offstring moebius, but people were challenging me to bring about 5a moebius, also known as “Astrobius”. I had to put down 4a moebius, also known as “Offbius” to the back burner. Ever since then, I’ve always kept trying to make and practice offstring moebius, so this video has been delayed by about a full year. This is a sequal to the 5a moebius video. My crowning achievement in terms of trick creavity is seen in this, through the trick “Gravity Break”. I always save the best for last!

Title: Shout Out, and Show Everyone!
Creator: Zammy
Music: “threes a crowd” by Belvedere
Time: 1:55
Download: HD (1280 x 720 70 megs)
Stream: Youtube and Vimeo
File Type: Mpeg-4

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