Lim Aik Hwee with Hayabusa

December 29, 2009
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This video comes to you courtesy of SY Blog. It features Lim Aik Hwee of Duncan Crew Singapore using a Hayabusa. Jayson (from SY Blog) commented that Singapore is small, so their crew gets to meet often and they’re very familiar with the styles and skills of Lim Aik Hwee. But unfortunately, the rest of the world isn’t as familiar. At most, they see him at contests maybe once or twice a year. Jayson was glad to publish this video so the rest of the would could have a better look at what goes on in Singapore.

Title: Lim Aik Hwee [ Stream on Vimeo or YouTube | Download available on Vimeo ]
Creator: Jayson Lim
Song: 宇宙エレベーター (Space Elevator by Capsule)
Length: 5:00
SY Blog post: here

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