To The Top

March 11, 2010

This video was made due to the idea that I am unable to go to Asia Pacific Yoyo Championships. I really wanted to go but due to the idea that it takes so long to be able to require a passport, my appearence will not be there. So, as a means of an apology, I made a video for my international yoyo friends. I hope you and other yoyoers enjoy it. I was also trying to make a better video then the last moebius video I did, which I feel I may of done.

Title: To The Top
Creator: Zammy
Music: “No More Silence” by Dj Fire-Black
Time: 2:10
Download: HD (1280 x 720 79.1 Megs)
Stream: Youtube or Vimeo
File Type: Mpeg-4

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