Enormous Proportions

April 7, 2011
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Debt in Knowledge (Original Cut) [Remix]

October 25, 2010

This is the unreleased original cut of Debt in Knowledge from Spencer Berry. It’s the same legendary video, but with Spencer’s original music selection (15 Steps by Radiohead). Because the Green Triangles project never came to fruition, the ending URL has been changed. Many thanks to Spencer Berry for digging this out of his archives. The original video debuted on October 31, 2007.

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Bend and Fold

December 18, 2009


Bend and Fold was pretty significant for me on a personal level. It was the first video that I ever put out where I started to feel like I was showcasing my “own style” and not a mishmash of my versions of other styles of 1A trickery. It was also the first video to show how to “bend” a mount. And while I was one of the few people who popularized folding gates, (Along with Drew Tetz, Sonny Patrick, Simon Welch, and a few others) there aren’t any in this video. The rest of the name is just a coincidence. Go figure!
Title: Bend and Fold
Creator: Adam Brewster
Music: “Follow Sound” by Deas Vail or “Sic Transit Gloria … Glory Fades” by Brand New if watching on Youtube.
Length: 2:14
Download: HERE
Stream: Vimeo or Youtube (with audio swapped)

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2007 by Boxthor (box_2007_NOEXTRAS)

January 7, 2008

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