Brandon Jackson – Dirty Garage Flow

January 28, 2012


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Duncan Crew Worldwide – Chapter 1

September 8, 2011


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Exit 8 Testing

March 15, 2011

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MoYo 2010 by Takeshi

May 19, 2010

A hastily thrown together video of MoYo 2010. Sorry guys, but I don’t have as much time as I’d like to put together a proper clip vid for MoYo, so I threw this together in a couple hours. It was also an excuse for me to play around with some extreme contrast and color saturation.

Video: MoYo 2010
Takeshi Kamisato
Date Created: May 19, 2010
Song: Under Your Influence by Dag Nasty
Song: Slumber by Samiam
Length: 5:45
Featuring: Mark Allen, Blake Freeman, Joseph Harris, Chris Neff, Doctor Popular, Seth Peterson, Brandon Jackson, Hank Freeman, Zammy, Kevin Eulalia, Ian Cole, Chris Fraser, Ian Cole, Ben Conde, John-Bot, Abe Z and many more…

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Adam Brewster’s Eleven

December 18, 2009


This video was about 8 months in the making. After the WYYC in 2007 I decided to do a series of 12 tricks each named after the location of the strongest weapon/summon in the 12 different Final Fantasy Games (except I substituted FFXI for FFT – hence the trick Deep Dungeon) the 12th trick wasn’t finished in time but was later released in the video, “The Only Thing Worth Saying” as Kefka’s Tower. It was also shot in the extremely creepy house over the course of a few visits over a few weeks and gave Brandon and I the heebie jeebies like none other haha. Anyhow, this is the final edit. 

Title: Adam Brewster’s Eleven
Creator: Brandon Jackson and Adam Brewster
Music: “A Stray Child” by Akira Yamaoka
Length: 5:14
Download: HERE
Stream: Vimeo or Youtube

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Adam Brewster April 2009

December 18, 2009


This video was shot at the 2009 MoYo State Contest in April 2009. It showed some of the newer body-based tricks that I had been working on since moving to Des Moines, Ia. 

Title: Adam Brewster April 2009
Creator: Brandon Jackson
Music: “Run” by Broadcast 2000
Length: 1:26
Download: HERE
Stream: Vimeo or Youtube

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