Open Air And Thursday

May 25, 2010


A moebius video dedicated to the Italian yoyo community in conjunction with the interview set at Yoyomaniacs yoyo forum. Think of this as a “best of” video featuring old tricks.

Title: Open Air And Thursday
Creator: Zammy
Music: “Second Sight” by LOONGAR
Time: 1:39
Download: HD (1280 x 720 60.5 Megs)
Stream: Youtube or Vimeo
File Type: Mpeg-4

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Moebius Re:Make

December 4, 2009
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Moebius Re:Make is a remake video from the series of videos I have produced where I re-shot everything that was done in the older videos to expand them to the new video quality of today. This particular video was re-done in Mall of America in November 2009. All the tricks were from when I first began to do Moebius so this pays tribute to that time.
Title: Moebius Re:Make
Creator: Zammy
Music: Emptiness by Alexander Blu
Time: 1:58
Download: HD (1280×720 72 Megs)
Stream: Youtube or Vimeo
File type: Mpeg-4

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