Wave Of Mutilation

January 10, 2011

i had a day off for weather, so i put together a yo-yo video featuring some old tricks, some new tricks, the spyy ronin & supra, and a little snow. hope you enjoy! direct download here.

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‘Throw Grace, Catch Joy’

September 27, 2010

(admittedly i’ve always been more adept at the former.)

here’s a fun little trick video (i think) featuring the ‘PPR’ version of the new SPYY Ronin, a yo-yo that has been ‘mostly hypothetical’ since i started designing it in late 2007. after years of “why-don’t we’s” and “hey-we-should-really’s”, Steve Buffel once again transformed my off-the-wall musings into an eminently playable throw which feels simultaneously daring and stable.

the shiny version will be on sale direct from spyy at nats this weekend, with the production release (appropriately enough)… in production.

hope you dig the video, and the yo-yo, too.

Title: Throw Grace, Catch Joy
Yoyoer: ed haponik
Music: ‘Light and Day’ by The Polyphonic Spree
Length: 3:33
Stream: Vimeo
Download: Sector_Y

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Learning To Fly

May 24, 2010

a new yo-yo video with tricks by ed haponik and friends. filmed at home and at virginia states, and featuring the new run of the SPYY Flying V (on sale soon).


big thanks to steve buffell of SPYY, along with tony basch, randy jansen, steven kinder, mikhail tulabut, tom connolly, ann connolly, joe wilso, fred rowland, jon saelens, gee cheung, samm scot, and charles schluer… and all of the people i meant to get in but couldn’t… also guys like john bot, sid, drew, jacob, seth, and steve, who [very] obviously inspire a lot of the tricks i like to do.

some new, some downright-ancient, some unresponsive, some ultra-snappy. hope you like it!

Title: Learning To Fly
Yoyoer: ed haponik & friends
Music: ‘Learning To Fly’ by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Length: 4:00
Stream: Vimeo
Download: Sector_Y

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Wood & Rain

March 12, 2010

i like drizzly days, and i like wood yo-yo’s.

just some low-fi back-porch tricks in the late afternoon. music is ‘big country’ by edgar meyer (because acoustical music goes with wood yo-yoing). the yo-yo’s are ‘clean machine’ no jive 3-in-1’s. i suppose i should have put together a better outfit, but i ended up chasing my little son out into the mud anyway.

respect and salutations to my colleagues in the wood thread, and any b.rothers and sisters who might appreciate simple yo-yo playing in the almost-springtime.

Creator: ed Haponik
Date: 3/12/10
Length: 2:09
Stream: Vimeo or YouTube
Direct Download
: (25MB)

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January 25, 2010


promo vid by john higby/ed haponik for the ’66 Rules for Yo-Yoers’ comic/’#66′ ProFly project. featuring tricks with a Duncan ProFly yo-yo.

Title: 66
YouTube, Vimeo
210MB mp4

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New Adventures in Lo-Fi

September 14, 2009
a yo-yo trick video by ed haponik and pals.

i tried to come up with new tricks (or new takes on old ones) that were constructed ‘simply’. tricks that don’t go on forever, and tend to base themselves around one main idea. later on, at tn states, i asked some friends to give me a trick that conformed to those parameters. and i had a lot of fun.

music by eddie vedder and keyboard and banjo (- banjo)… who, from what i read in ‘hit parader’ are touring together this winter.

i used my spyy flying v.


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Imperialism 2

September 8, 2009
kind of like imperialism 1, except awesome and done in one take.


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The Flying V[ideo]

May 21, 2009
ed x SPYY


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April 29, 2009

another wood yo-yo video.
all done on no jive 3-in-1’s.

this is one of the few videos i’ve done that i look back on and am relatively happy with.

here’s the original file for d’load. (~130mb)


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top tippin’ three

January 6, 2009

it’s been awhile since i worked on anything with yoyofactory g5 top tips. that’s a major shame, because they’re serious fun – maybe the neatest single development in yoyo’s in the last 5 years… and nobody seems to do much with them! big thanks to jacob deffenbaugh for the g5. apologies that some of the tricks are tough to see. picking an angle for 3d tricks (and pretty much all top tip tricks are 3d) is flawed at best (as is my camerawork). anyway, hope you enjoy!

* keep an eye out for my son’s feet. ;)


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