4-14-01 Spindox Video

April 14, 2001


The 4-14-01 Spindox Club Meet was one of the few meets that were located in Jack London Square, CA. This plaza by the bay is always windy, but the weather happened to be particularly nice that day. It was a nice change of venue from the usual Roundtable Pizza or UC Berkeley Campus.

There wasn’t a lot of new content to film, so the club footage had to be combined with some footage of myself and Spencer, which was shot on UC Davis campus. This is the video that debuted the original Laceration. This is probably one of my least favorite videos, although at the time I thought it was pretty cool (and so did many others!).

Title: 4-14-01 Spindox Video [ Stream |  Download ]
Creator: Gabriel Lozano
Music: Crazy by Seal
Time: 1:20
Resolution: 640×480 (SD)
File Type: Quicktime H.264

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