Tricks from the 2012 California State Yo-Yo Championship

July 30, 2012

Here is a playlist of several tricks from the California State Yo-Yo Championships.

Some of the clips were used in the #calstateyoyo2012 video, but there many that did not make the cut. Many of them were not filmed correctly, so lighting and focus issued prevented me from using these awesome shots in the video. Nevertheless, check out the playlist because there’s a TON of great stuff here.

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Spindox Perform at an Oakland A’s game (July 29, 2000)

April 14, 2012

(Alternate YouTube Link)

WOW! Many thanks to Laurie Harris for getting this encoded! It was lost away on a VHS tape for over a decade. Almost all of these players are still around — how amazing is that? Here’s a few additional photos from the event.

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March 22, 2012

(Video is downloadable on the Vimeo page.)

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Duncan Crew Worldwide – Chapter 2

November 10, 2011

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US National Yo-Yo Contest 2011 [Part 2]

October 10, 2011

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Spindox Club Meet (9-24-11)

September 27, 2011


And here’s another video from the same meet filmed by first-time-attendees, the aegYOcrew from Vallejo High.

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Duncan Crew Worldwide – Teaser

September 3, 2011

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February 19, 2011

This video was one of the videos from thte PSY DVD. It was composed of mostly old footage, but a good amount of new footage as well. (This footage is mainly from the 2000 and 2001 era.) I’m not sure why the song choice is the same as another video I did. I do remember it being intentional, but I can no longer remember the reasoning behind it. Lots of footage was collected from 2000 Nationals, with others being sent in as part of the “PSY” project.

Video: Survival [ Vimeo | Download (720×480 MP4) ]
Music: Crazy by Seal
Duration: 4:09

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April 2, 2010

Visions was another video that was a part of the String Theory DVD. It featured some content that had not been seen before, as well as some old tricks that were refilmed. Most of this content has been seen by now, but it’s still a good look back to the turn of the century.

Video: Visions [ Stream | Download ]
Creator: Gabriel Lozano
Music: I forget…anyone remember?
Length: 3:26

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Unsung Hero

April 2, 2010


This was the last video to be created for the String Theory DVD. Up until this point, none of the clip videos I had made were about me. Sure, I was featured in other videos, but I was never the only one.

This video didn’t even start out as my idea.  I was helping my ex-gf with a project where she had to take her baby pictures and rephotograph them at her current age. She had mentioned something about me not having my own video, and that I should put something together to showcase where I started and how far I’ve come. Well, at this point I was pretty much out of the yoyo scene, so I figured it would be an easy task to throw something together that definitively showed where I was when I started (1999) and where I ended up (2004).

The whole video had a whole “life and death” / “rise and fall” theme to it brought on by not only the baby pictures in the beginning and the text at the end, but also due to the song that was about losing someone close to you. I had, essentially, at this point distanced myself from the yoyo community enough where this seemed fitting to my situation.

At the time I made it, I never thought that I would be returning to the yoyo scene. Now that I have, this video no longer serves a purpose. Nevertheless, I’ve already released it once so I might as well release it again. So here it is in all it’s cheesy glory!

Video: Unsung Hero[ Stream | Download ]
Music: Tha Crossroads (Video Version) by Bone thugs-n-harmony
Length: 5:06

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