YoYoFactory.pl – World Yo-Yo Contest 2011

August 13, 2011

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Studio Sessions 5

September 27, 2010

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G5 by YoYoFactory

August 27, 2010

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YoYoFactory loop900

May 24, 2010

The worlds best yo-yo players put the new YoYoFactory loop900 through its paces. Featuring 11x World Champion Shinji Saito, 4x USA National Champion John Ando and current USA National Champion Patrick Mitchell.

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Bionic: The 2010 California State Yo-Yo Championship

March 19, 2010

This was 10 years ago: a humble contest, hidden between the busy streets of San Francisco. With an open freestyle division, players from all over California got to show off their routines to crowds of parents, fellow yoyoers, and the few passersby who happened to be in the right place at the right time.

This is now.

Click here to watch in HD.

The 2010 California State Yo-Yo Championship featured over 100 competitors from around the world competing to claim the top prize. Prizes were no longer yoyos, but one thousand dollars instead. Crowds filled the two-story mall to see what yoyoing has evolved into. This video is a glimpse of the 2010 yoyo community as a whole.

Looking at the leap in skill over the last ten years, I can’t help be excited for what the next ten has in store for us.

Video: Stream :: Download Coming Soon…
Creator: Gabriel Lozano
Song: Bionic by Mr. SOS
Length: 4:25

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2010 California State Yo-Yo Championship Freestyles

March 10, 2010

The 2010 California State Yo-Yo Championship was held on March 6th, 2010. Below are the top 15 freestyles from each division. Click below to stream them in HD! (Downloads coming soon!) (more…)

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National Breakthrough (PSY Trailer #2)

February 18, 2010


This was a combination of the Nationals 2001 contest video as well as the second PSY trailer. It featured not only footage from the 2001 National Yo-Yo Contest, but also various clips sent in from around the world. I believe this video was the internet-debut of Arthur Staykov, one of the B3 members from Poland.

Looking back at the video, we start to see the emergent trend of faster tricks as well as more complex string tricks. By 2003, these trends eventually led to a new renaissance in 1A where more emphasis was placed on getting as many string-hits into a single combo as possible. This is one of the last glimpses of the 1A of yesteryear. Aside from the PSY/String Theory DVD, this was one of the last videos I released publicly on the old Sector Y.

Title: National Breakthrough [ Stream | Download ]
Creator: Gabriel Lozano
Date: October 21, 2001
Music: In the End by Linkin Park, One Million Miles Away by J Ralph
Time: 3:53
Resolution: 640×480 (SD)
File Type: Quicktime H.264

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Worlds 2005 Freestyles

December 1, 2009

A link to download everything at once is located here. Individual freestyles are located below.

All videos shot and edited by Boxthor.


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November 20, 2009

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Nationals 2009

October 4, 2009

Nationals 2009Here are videos from the National Yo-Yo Contest 2009, which was held on October 3rd, 2009 in Chico, CA. These videos were filmed by gabe and encoded/delivered by Boxthor.


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